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SPIN gave Kenny's Bonnaroo 2012 performances this past weekend rave reviews in its article: "Phish Noodle Bonnaroo to the Finish Line: 12 Key Sunday Sets - Plus: fun., Bon Iver, the Shins, and Kenny Rogers (yes, Kenny Rogers!)." 

Kenny Rogers
Shortly into his set at the Other Tent on Sunday night, Kenny Rogers took a moment to reassure the crowd. "Bonnaroo and Kenny Rogers," he said, "What's wrong with that picture?" Then he smiled. "I belong here!" he yelled joyously, answering his own question. The 73-year-old country star fit in beautifully with the festival's tie-dyed demographic, delivering crisp versions of hits like "Love Or Something Like It" and "Islands In the Stream." He had some help, though, calling on his friend Lionel Richie, who sang his hits "Lady" and "All Night Long." A few hours later, Rogers paid the favor forward, singing "The Gambler" with Phish. Yep, he belongs.  - David Marchese

Douglas Mason/Getty Images

Read the full article here.

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